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The average air conditioner in Florida lasts 8 to 12 years due to the high humidity and the atmospheric salt content. That means you can plan for your next AC replacement rather than waiting until your current system fails.

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Reasons To Consider a New AC System

Many people wait for an AC replacement until their current unit experiences a catastrophic failure. When you use that approach, you leave yourself open to dealing with it as an emergency, which usually costs you more. Consider the reasons it may be time for a new AC system, even if your current one still seems to cool your home.


Your Unit Is Undersized For Your Space

To effectively cool your home, your air conditioner must have enough heat transfer capacity. While a unit may be the right size at installation, your home may outgrow the system in several ways.

First, renovations that change the serviceable area may cause it to become undersized. Likewise, if you increase the number of people in your home, or if your home was shaded but is not now, it may no longer be sufficient.


You’re Seeing Your Energy Bills Rising

Keep an eye on your energy consumption each month. While your bill may increase due to the fluctuation in utility prices, your consumption shouldn’t be substantially higher each month compared to the previous year.

Consumption that’s substantially higher each month indicates your AC is running longer cycles or experiencing greater electrical resistance. This commonly happens as units age or as the system’s components wear out. At a minimum, increasing energy bills should indicate a need for an AC repair, but may also indicate that it’s time for a new AC system.


You’re Running an Older Air Conditioner

Older air conditioners generally cost more to run compared to newer units. Part of this increased cost is because of decreasing efficiency due to age.

If your unit was produced before 2010, this increased cost is also due to cost prohibitive repairs from outdated refrigerant technology. As of 2020, the R22 refrigerant used in older units was prohibited from production, making repairing these systems unreasonably expensive.


You Keep Your Repair Technician on Speed Dial

Look at how often you’re calling for repairs for your system. HVAC professionals have found that air conditioners require more repairs over the last two years of its service life. Consider how many repairs your system has required, and start comparing the cost of those repairs.

It’s easily tell if you’re paying more for your repairs than the system’s currently worth. Multiply the cost of your repairs over the last two years by the age of your system. If that’s more than the cost of a new system, it may be the right time to consider an AC replacement.


What To Consider Before an AC Replacement

If you think it’s time for a new AC system, you may want to replace it with something different from what you have currently. Consider how you can improve your system, and how bundling your upgrades may save you money.


Is Your Current System Sufficient?

Beyond looking at size, the design of your AC system may not be sufficient for your home’s needs. When you have inconsistent cooling throughout your home, part of the problem may be your system’s design.

Most older systems use a single thermostat, and attempt to cool your entire home all at the same time. Newer systems use multiple thermostats to create zones in your home. This combines with a series of dampers in your ducts to direct the cool air where it’s needed. These zones keep your home more consistently comfortable while reducing your cooling costs.


Could You Benefit From Bundling?

Before scheduling your AC replacement, consider the rest of your HVAC needs. Will you need a new heater or furnace in the near future, or possibly a whole house dehumidifier? Bundling these purchases together often saves money be reducing the redundant work required when installing them separately.


Should You Choose a High-Efficiency System?

Consider what kind of system you want to install. If your current air conditioner is more than 10 years old, any new model will likely offer better efficiency. However, a standard unit is either on or off, which means when it runs, it’s constantly running on high.

High-efficiency units have variable speed fans and compressors, giving them more control to offer the cooling power required. While these systems may run longer cycles, they use less power doing so. The result is a more consistent temperature throughout your home while saving money on your energy costs.

Award-Winning AC Replacement Service

Many companies offer AC replacement services. However, it’s not just the technical installation that matters, but the experience you have with the team. This is what separates the Velocity Air Conditioning team from most companies in the area.

Velocity Air Conditioning is a family-owned company with more than 25 years’ experience in the HVAC industry. Our entire team strives to make your entire experience feel like a close friend or family member is helping you out. This approach is why our team has earned the Best of Home Advisor award.

Make sure you have a new AC system that’s up to the challenge of the Florida summers. Call (813) 370-0299 to schedule your free on-site consultation appointment with one of the friendly AC installation specialists today.

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