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Carrier Air Conditioner RepairCarrier AC Repair & Maintenance

In 1902, Willis Carrier solved one of mankind’s most elusive challenges by controlling the indoor environment through modern air conditioning. His invention enabled countless industries, promoting global productivity, health and personal comfort.

Today, Carrier innovations are found across the globe and in virtually every facet of daily life. We create comfortable and productive environments, regardless of the climate. We safeguard the global food supply by preserving the quality and freshness of food and beverages. We ensure health and well-being by enabling the proper transport and delivery of vital medical supplies under exacting conditions. We provide solutions, services and education to lead the green building movement.

Carrier AC Repair

If your Carrier cooling system is not cooling your home effectively, or your system won’t start at all, you may need to schedule a service call. Here are some reasons that you may need AC repair;

  • Carrier AC Repair & MaintenanceYour AC unit is not working, and you can’t get it to start.
  • You have been smelling burning, or other smells coming from your unit or ducts
  • You can hear your system running; however no cold air is blowing.
  • If your unit feels hot you will need to call an AC repair expert as there may be an electrical problem.
  • You have spaces in your home that are freezing cold and others that are too hot.
  • You can hear noises such as clunking, banging, or thumping coming from your unit.

Carrier Heat Pump Repair

If you have a heat pump in your home that is not working effectively, you will find out quickly. There may be several reasons why your heat pump is not working correctly, the following signs are a good reason to call for Carrier heat pump repair;

  • Your heat pump is tripping the breakers in your house.
  • You cannot get your heat pump to work.
  • Your heat pump is not cycling correctly.
  • You can hear unusual noises from your heat pump.
  • Your heat pump’s blower has stopped working.
  • Your heat pump is not cooling or heating your building correctly.

Trust Velocity Air Conditioning for Your Carrier HVAC Repair Needs

If you have a Carrier HVAC system in need of repair, Velocity Air Conditioning qualified technicians can help. We have been working with business and home owners in the Tampa Bay Area for years. We offer exceptional service and guarantee we will do it right the first time.

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Velocity Air offers both residential and commercial services in Clearwater, Tampa, St Petersburg and surrounding areas. Give us a call (813) 370-0299 in Pinellas, (813) 370-0299 in Hillsborough or you can schedule online for all of your heating and cooling needs.

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