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Ductless Mini Split AC System

Ductless Mini Split Systems

Ductless Mini Split AC Systems also known as (mini splits), make good retrofit for homes with “non-ducted” heating systems. Ductless mini splits can be a good option for installations when adding ductwork is difficult or just too expensive. The matched combination of indoor unit and outdoor condenser is efficient and easy to install without the extra cost of construction to run ducts.

Like standard air-source heat pumps, mini splits have an outdoor compressor/condenser and an air-handling unit inside the home. A conduit houses the power cable, refrigerant tubing, suction tubing, condensate drain and links the outdoor and indoor units.

The main advantages of mini splits are their small size and flexibility for or heating and cooling individual rooms or “zoning”. One outdoor unit can have as many as four air handlers which would handle four different rooms or zones. The number of units depends on how much heating or cooling is needed for each zone (Insulation is a big factor in this number). Each individual zone has its own thermostat so you can to condition the area that is being used instead of the entire building which can save money and energy.

The installation of a Ductless mini split system often easier to than other types of AC Systems. TheMini Split Condensor connection between the indoor and outdoor units generally requires only a small hole through a wall for the conduit. Most manufacturers of this type of system can provide a variety of lengths for connecting conduits. You can also locate the outdoor unit as far away as 50 feet from the indoor evaporator. This makes it possible to cool rooms at the front of a home while locating the compressor behind or to the side of the building where it can be “hidden” from view.

Because mini split systems do not have ducts, they avoid the energy loss that occurs with a ducted system. Losses from ductwork can account for more than 30% of energy consumption or even more when the ducting is located in a non air conditioned space such as an attic.

When compared to other AC Systems, mini splits offer far more flexibility for interior design and air Ductless Air Handlerhandlers can be suspended from a ceiling, hung on a wall or even mounted flush into a drop ceiling (floor models are also available).  Floor-standing models are also available. Most indoor units are roughly seven inches deep and have modern looking exterior. Remote controls are another option for when a unit is mounted on the ceiling or wall.

We’ll be the first to tell you that the right design and installation is more important than the equipment. So equipment doesn’t matter? Equipment does matter, but even the most expensive, efficient air conditioner on the planet will have problems if the system isn’t design and installed the right way. With Velocity Air Conditioning you get both: top quality  equipment and a custom installation done the right way — 100% guaranteed!

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