Financing Your Repair or New System

As your HVAC unit gets older, its efficiency can decrease dramatically causing it to become noisy and require repairs more often. If you’re currently spending money on frequent repairs for a unit that’s seven years old or older, replacing it with a new, more energy-efficient HVAC unit could actually save you money even if you use financing.

If you think it may be time to replace your old heating and air conditioning unit, schedule a FREE in-home consultation with Velocity Air Conditioning and we’ll send one of our highly trained professionals to evaluate your entire system and give you an estimate on the cost of installing a new new system, IF it is needed.

Whenever you need to replace your heating or air conditioning system with a newer more efficient model, Velocity Air is here to help. We offer financing and regular maintenance agreements that help you manage the cost of a new furnace or air conditioner and keep it running smoothly for years to come.


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Velocity Air not only provides the best heating and air conditioning solutions to meet your energy efficiency and comfort challenges, but we can also make those solutions more affordable. A new home heating and cooling system is one of the most important investments you will make. With flexible financing options, you can have a new, energy efficient heating & air conditioning system giving you the comfort you deserve for a low monthly payment.