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ac-maintenanceSimply buying a branded air conditioner is not enough. It goes without saying that you invested quite a few dollars in buying a good one, and you expect an excellent value for money. However, do you know that performance and efficiency of your air conditioner depends on you as well? Many people ignore the basic air conditioning maintenance on a regular basis. As a result, the machine ends up performing inefficiently and finally, goes topsy-turvy, causing considerable expenses in repair or replacement.

Air conditioning maintenance is essential to ensure that it performs efficiently and offers a fantastic value for money. Proper maintenance of the electronic equipment ensure that it is appropriately preserved and cleaned, leading to increased efficiency and durability. No wonder, it offers significant peace of mind, saving a good amount of your money as well. Because, it goes without saying, that a well-maintained and efficient air conditioner consumes less energy, reducing electricity costs as well. Accurate air conditioning maintenance can help the machine last for almost 15 years!!

Tips to Effective Air Conditioning Maintenance

Some of the important measures that will help your air conditioner run smoother and efficiently are:

  • Keep the outer compressor of the air conditioner clean by spraying with a hose
  • Regularly clean or replace the furnace filter at least once in a month, and particularly during summer months, to avoid possibilities of dust circulations and allergens
  • Clean the duct work every 2 years
  • Ensure that the condensate tube is draining water freely. Check the A.C hose connections for any leakage
  • Keep furniture and drapes away from the registers
  • During the winter season, remove the air conditioner and cover the compressor
  • Keep plantations at least 1 feet away to allow enough airflow around the air conditioner

When you work around the air conditioning system, make sure that you shut off the power from the service panel before starting. Besides regular basic maintenance, it is also necessary to have the equipment tested and inspected by an experienced technician, once in a year or more often. Annual tune up of only $50-100 can save you almost 5% of your cooling costs. Make sure that the system is thoroughly checked by a trained technical expert, every 3-4 months.

The best way is to enter into a service contract with the manufacturer or dealer, which offers you absolute peace of mind. They will only take all preventive and maintenance measures, solving minor problems frequently and inspecting the system once in every month. This also reduces inconveniences like higher downtime and huge costs, in addition to rising electricity bills every month. The contract ensures efficient and proper maintenance of the air conditioning system. Many top air conditioner manufacturers or dealers offer comprehensive annual maintenance contract that include nitty-gritty of effective air conditioning maintenance.

Regular and proper air conditioning maintenance not only improves the efficiency and performance of the electronic equipment considerably, but also saves energy and costs. Hire a professional and reliable in air conditioning maintenance service provider in your location today; save energy, save costs.


  • Geminiar says:

    Regular and proper air conditioning maintenance not only improves the efficiency but the performance too.

  • I think I’ll consider hiring a residential service to maintain my air conditioner. Currently, I don’t have the knowledge nor equipment to even attempt to replace the filter by myself so I may have ended up neglecting it for three months already. Since you mentioned that maintenance is essential to ensure that it will work, I’ll have to get that done as soon as possible.

  • Reading your tips about furniture placement and regular use was really helpful to me as a homeowner. We really do want our home to be more efficient and easier to pay for, and air conditioning is one part of the entire thing that we need to figure out how to maintain better. After reading your tips, I’ll definitely keep up habits like those when I find an HVAC expert I can regularly work with.

  • Luke Smith says:

    It’s nice that you pointed out how air conditioning maintenance is essential to ensure that it performs efficiently and offers a fantastic value for money. Our energy bills have been quite high recently and it seems to be due our AC not running efficiently anymore. I guess it’s about time for our AC unit to get serviced, so we should definitely call some AC specialist to take care of it for us.

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