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Aside from installing a new heating system, professional heating maintenance is the key to reliably heating your home. Discover the benefits of getting annual maintenance on your heating system, and the differences between heater and heat pump maintenance.


Why You Need Professional Maintenance

Reduce Heating Costs

As your heating system runs, it will slowly lose some of its efficiency due to natural wear, slowly increasing your heating costs. One of the primary goals of routine maintenance is to maintain your system’s efficiency.

Improve Reliability

The lower the efficiency drops compared to how the system was engineered, the faster the components wear. That additional wear leads to more frequent heating repairs. Unfortunately, those repairs tend to come when you depend on your heater the most, leaving your home in the cold and paying for emergency repairs.

Extend Service Life

Not only does reduced efficiency increase the number of repairs needed, but it also slowly degrades your system’s service life. When you maintain your system’s efficiency, you extend its service life, reducing your annualized expenses for a heating system replacement.

Better Air Quality

As your heater runs, small contaminants collect throughout the system. Then, as the air continues circulating, it picks up those contaminants, bringing them back out into the air around your home. The technicians at Velocity Air Conditioning clean these areas of your heating system, including the circulating fan and heat exchanger. By routinely removing these contaminants, you prevent them from recirculating, improving your overall air quality. Better air quality means better health, less household cleaning, and better efficiency for your system.

Protect Heater Warranty

Most quality heating system manufacturers include a warranty with their systems to cover any possible premature failures. However, they also understand the excessive wear that neglected maintenance brings with it. That’s why most manufacturers require routine maintenance as a term of their warranty. Fail to keep up on your maintenance, and you may find you have a voided warranty if it fails.

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What Is Heating Maintenance?

Before jumping in and trying to conduct maintenance for yourself, it’s important to understand that exactly is included. Keep in mind that attempting to do this maintenance for yourself may damage your heater.

Deep Cleaning

Maintenance always includes deep cleaning. In addition to the heat exchanger and circulating fan already mentioned, cleaning also includes the burn chamber. Within this, the technician will clean the burners and the thermocouple. In addition to the cleaning the technician will do, you’ll want to keep an eye on your air filter, changing it routinely to prevent airflow restrictions.

Tightening and Balancing

The circulating fan naturally creates vibration as it runs. This vibration loosens mounting hardware and electrical connections, increasing the strain your heater experiences. Your technician will check and tighten each to keep your system operating efficiently. Additionally, your technician will balance your circulating fan to reduce the wear on the fan motor.

Cycle Testing

Beyond cleaning, tightening and balancing, your technician will also test each stage of the heating cycle. If they find something running ineffectively, you have time to fix it before depending on your heater.


What is Heat Pump Maintenance?

Heat pumps need slightly different maintenance than do other heaters. A technician will test the refrigerant level to make sure it’s still at the optimal pressure. They’ll also clean the condensing and evaporator coils. Finally, they’ll test the reversing valve to make sure the heating function initiates properly.


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Bill Snyder started Velocity Air Conditioning with the vision of providing exceptional heating and air conditioning service at a fair price. That vision is what led the Velocity team to achieve the coveted Best of Home Advisor award in 2020. When you work with Velocity Air Conditioning, you know that you’re getting expert service with the commitment of a family operated business. Call (813) 370-0299 to schedule your heating maintenance appointment with one of our expert technicians today.

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