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HVAC Maintenance can be a big moving part of your business’s effective temperature control to continue producing and growing. Without HVAC, your team is uncomfortable and less productive, whether you produce goods, offer services, or have a retail store. If your products and equipment are sensitive to temperature, it is important to keep your system running smoothly. This is not just for comfort and convenience.

Maintaining your system professionally is imperative to keeping your HVAC service up and running. As an HVAC system runs, it collects dust and dirt, and will slowly lose its optimization through its many components. Inevitably, this leads to system downtime. Having preventative maintenance helps your system avoids random breakdowns while optimizing its performance during non-peak hours.

Velocity Air Conditioning offers expert commercial heating and cooling service from technicians with both professional training and years of experience. Call today to sign up for a commercial HVAC maintenance plan today.


Benefits of Routine Maintenance

Taking care of your commercial and HVAC equipment is important to prevent long periods of no activity. There are a host of benefits you’ll experience when you stay on top of your system’s needs.

First, you’ll experience a drop in your heating and cooling expenses. One of the goals of maintaining your commercial heating and air conditioning is to keep the system running efficiently. You achieve this by keeping the system clean and tuning the components to run optimally.

Improved efficiency leads to reduced stress from operation. Less stress means less wear on each component, reducing the number of repairs required throughout the system’s service life. This means you won’t worry about the system breaking down and will have more reliable heating and cooling.

Less stress on the system means everything lasts longer. This extends the service life of your heating and cooling system, reducing your annualized equipment expenses.

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Spring & Summer Maintenance

There’s a difference between the work to maintain your system over the warmer months versus the cooler months. Being it’s warmer for longer in Florida, let’s first focus on what tuning-up your air conditioner includes.

The most important aspect of tuning-up your system for the spring and summer is changing your air filters regularly. You might have to change air filters every month if the air quality in your space is not good. However, many businesses can use the same set for several months. Plan to have your filters checked regularly and replaced as soon as they are visibly dirty.

After air filters, Velocity Air starts with a visible inspection of your system’s components. Damage from flying debris can indicate further problems, so you want to start at the front end. Your technician will look for physical damage, corrosion, electrical faults, disconnected pipes, and other visible signs of damage.

It’s important to check and clear the system’s drain lines and condensate collection trays. As the system runs and condenses moisture from the air, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, algae, and mold. That debris can also eventually clog your drain lines, causing condensate damage in your building.

Your technician also needs to shut down the system and clean both the condensing and evaporator coils. Both will collect contaminants as the system runs, reducing the air flowing through the system and its effectiveness at transferring heat.

Finally, your technician will test the entire system for any signs of suboptimal performance. This involves testing fans, electrical control parts, control unit, and checking refrigerant level in the system.

Fall & Winter HVAC Maintenance

Fall and winter tune-ups are like spring and summer tune-ups, but they focus on your business’s heating system. The technician will perform the same level of visual inspection, cleaning, and testing for all the common components.

They’ll also look at your particular heating system for unique maintenance tasks. This may include inspecting and cleaning the burners, and heat exchanger. It also includes testing the various safeties and lockouts on your heating system to ensure it runs safely.


Tampa Bay’s Commercial HVAC Partner of Choice

Maintaining your commercial HVAC system can be expensive or result in poor service. Bill Snyder founded Velocity Air Conditioning to offer high-quality heating and cooling services at a reasonable cost. The entire team dedicates themselves to providing service with integrity, ensuring you always receive the best value for your service.

Velocity Air Conditioning is a family owned and operated company, based right here in Clearwater. This location puts our team in the perfect place to serve Pinellas and Hillsborough counties. We offer services in  Clearwater, Saint Petersburg, Dunedin, Lutz, Tampa and surrounding areas. We are available to prevent heating and AC system downtime for your business.

When you work with the Velocity Air Conditioning team, you don’t have to remember to schedule your maintenance. Instead, we will monitor when your system needs servicing and contact you to arrange a convenient time outside busy periods. Call (813) 370-0299 to schedule your commercial HVAC maintenance with the expert technicians at Velocity Air Conditioning today.

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