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Heat Pump Repair Services In Florida

Heat Pump Repair Company

Winters around Tampa Bay Area are fairly mild, but you still depend on a heater to stay comfortable. If your furnace or heat pump breaks, you need dependable heat pump services to fix it. Velocity Air Conditioning provides heater repair for all heater makes and models. Call today to schedule your heater repair with one of our expert technicians today.

People in the Tampa Bay area and beyond turn to Velocity Air Conditioning for dependable heat pump system repairs. Our family-like approach makes clients feel supported and understood, knowing we are genuinely there to assist them. We identify the problem’s cause. When you choose Velocity, you can feel at ease knowing that we fix your heater correctly the first time.

How To Reduce Heating Bills

The first step to reducing your heating bills is to tend to small problems early. This prevents excessive strain on your system, pushing off extensive heater repairs. There are some additional steps to keep your system running efficiently, and keep both your utility and repair costs down.

  • Change Your Air Filter Regularly

The easiest thing to do for your heater is changing the furnace air filter regularly. For central air systems, this is usually every 30 to 90 days for 1- or 2-inch filters. If your system uses larger filters, they may last longer.

You should plan to check the filter monthly to ensure that you change it as soon as you need to. While checking it, gently vacuum off the loose dirt to give your system an extra efficiency boost.

The Department of Energy suggests you can save up to 10% of your annual heating costs by using thermostat programs. The idea is to reduce the temperature by 7 to 10 degrees while you’re away from your home. To save the most, keep it at this level for 8 hours daily to reach a 10% savings.

Your home requires the proper insulation to keep the heat from escaping outside. In Tampa Bay, experts recommend using insulation with a rating of R30 to R60. This rating corresponds to approximately 10 to 14 inches of common insulation materials.

  • Inspect & Seal Your Ducts

Your warm air may escape through neglected and damaged ducts. This causes your system to run longer while trying to reach your set temperature. Consider having them professionally inspected and sealed to keep the warm air arriving at its intended place in your home.

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Signs You Need Heat Pump Repair

Most heaters and heat pumps give some indication they require repair. One indication may be when a heat pump won’t cycle on, it’s likely need some repair. However, when you catch the initial signs early, you can often avoid premature early repairs. If you notice any of these, call to schedule your heater or heat pump repair.

  • Inconsistent Heating

If your home feels warmer in some areas over others, you may need a heat pump repair. If your system can’t spread warm air well, some areas, usually the farthest from the system, will be cooler. There are other culprits to check, such as insulation, drafts, and more. One of our expert HVAC technicians can quickly tell if your system is causing the heating issues.

  • Unusual Odors

Some odors should raise alarms if they occur while your heater runs. These include burning smells, but especially a rotten egg smell or a heavy chemical smell, like formaldehyde. These symptoms can be very dangerous, if you notice any unusual smell, leave your house and call for help right away. It could mean there is a gas leak or a broken heat exchanger.

Heaters often make noises like the fan whirring or the gas burner swooshing when it starts. If you hear strange, loud noises that make the house shake, it’s a good idea to investigate. Determine the cause of these sounds.

A worn component, like the circulating fan, can cause some noises. Others may indicate a problem with incomplete fuel burning or a cracked heat exchanger.

Inadequate air coming from your supply vents inhibits your home from heating effectively. Before calling to schedule a heat pump repair, check to make sure your air filter isn’t clogged. If that’s in good condition, it may indicate the need for duct cleaning, maintenance, or a failing circulating fan motor.

  • Increased Energy Consumption

Watch your monthly energy consumption for unusual spikes. If a month is unusually warm and not very cold, you may need to repair your heater or heat pump. This indicates your system is struggling to meet your set temperature, and running longer cycles, resulting in less energy efficiency.

Our team is committed to providing the best service in the area. Our client reviews have earned us the prestigious Best of Home Advisor award. Our technicians arrive prepared to complete the task and clean up once they finish.

Make sure your home’s heater or heat pump is ready for the cooler weather. Call (813) 307-0299 to schedule your heater or heat pump maintenance with the expert technicians at Velocity Air Conditioning today.

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