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The most energy-efficient AC systems have two-stage motors or variable speeds designed to make minimal or no sound. Suppose you hear an obnoxious and loud noises coming from your air conditioning unit that is an obvious sign of a serious or moderate problem. The cool air produced by the air conditioning system provides you with a welcome relief from the scorching heat; however, the sound coming from your air conditioner is an entirely different story. A loud air conditioner that has always been noisy may not be a sign of an issue. Suppose you’re experiencing an unusual sound from your air conditioner, such as buzzing, banging, whistling, screeching, or the sound of rattling. In that case, it could be a sign of a system in trouble and is headed towards an eventual breakdown.

·        Squealing Noises

The most frequent issue associated with a squealing air conditioner sound is the malfunction of the fan motor within the condenser units outside. Central air conditioning connected to your home has an air conditioner fan designed to eliminate heat from the refrigerant. If your air conditioning system produces a loud sound, this could be the sign of an issue with the fan motor. The sound could also be due to a malfunctioning engine inside the condenser’s compressor system.

The sound of squealing or screeching can also result from the motor of your blower fan that is damaged in your home. The fan’s design is to draw warm air from every area of your house. When the blower motor is turned on, the humid and hot air that circulates throughout your home will get captured by the return ducts and delivered into your cooling system. After that, the cool air generated by your system will be circulated across your home via your blower motor.

There could also be an unsettling sound in the vicinity of the HVAC system inside your home due to worn-out bearings inside the motor of your fan. Also, a damaged fan belt could be the reason for this sound. If you notice a loud AC sound, you must immediately turn off your air conditioner and contact an experienced HVAC professional like Velocity Air Conditioning

·        Rattling and Shaking Noises

The sound of rattling is usually caused by air conditioner components that are loose. The system components that are subject to lots of moving, like motors, may break loose. Ducts may also break loose.

The noise of your air conditioner may be due to one or more screws inside your AC panels breaking loose. If that’s the situation, a screwdriver is all you need to put an end to the noise.

The unit running your air conditioner could not be secured to its concrete foundation when a mounting screw is loose. While you might be tempted to make sure that the noise of your air conditioner is not a problem and can be resolved, it’s better to seek out a qualified HVAC professional to stay clear of the risks of exposure to hazardous chemicals and high-voltage electrical current.

·        Banging Noises, Clicking Noises, Clanking Noises

The banging sound is typically an indicator of an unbalanced or damaged part, such as a crankshaft or piston pin that cools your air within the compressor. Or perhaps, your indoor blower is unbalanced. The sound of banging could suggest that your system requires the replacement of the compressor.

The sound of clicking is another indication of a damaged or out of balance component. The components within the sealed unit may have been damaged, and the compressor might have become sloppy and may require an upgrade. This sound could mean that the indoor or outdoor fan’s blades are not balanced and are hitting other components. These kinds of problems can only become worse and cause more issues if they are not addressed.

The sound of electronic components during shutdown and start-up is a common component of the system’s operation; however, continuous or continual clicking isn’t common. It could be the result of a malfunctioning control or a malfunctioning thermostat. There are plenty of electrical components within your unit. It’s crucial to look out for possible electrical problems as quickly as possible before you face more serious issues.

·        Continuous Running Noises

An issue in your AC coils could be the reason for the continuous running noise of your air conditioner. A bent coil can create a humming sound. If the coil fins get filled with grime and dirt, the system will operate less effectively and will constantly operate to get to the desired temperature. If the problem isn’t addressed, it can lead to an issue that will cause a breakdown.

Even if you hear sounds inside the building, make sure you examine your outside condenser unit. It’s not uncommon to find twigs and other debris to get caught within the fan of the condenser unit. Be sure that the area is free of any dirt or debris.

·        Bubbling and Hissing Noises

When your AC makes a bubbling sound, it could be an indication of an air duct leak inside your home. The sound could also be the result of a defective expansion valve and an air filter that’s not compatible with the system you have. Contact a professional immediately to inspect your air conditioning unit.

The air conditioner connected to your house could be making a bubbling sound due to excessive moisture. This issue can result from an obstruction, crack or a hole in the drainage pipe. If you’re a skilled person, it’s simple to take apart the air conditioner and inspect your drainage lines. However, we don’t recommend replacing the drain line by yourself. To fix the sound bubbling inside your cooling system, you’ll require specialized equipment, tools and training. Contact a trained technician to ensure that the work is done correctly and safely.

Is the Condenser Fan Motor causing a problem?

If you hear noise coming from outside of the unit, it could be the condenser motor malfunctioning. The fan is located on the exterior of your AC unit. Its task is to blow air across your condenser coils to remove all heat escaping from the refrigerant. If the motor is worn down, the fan begins to sound like it is turning. If this noise occurs every time, the air conditioner turns on, the condenser fan motor is most likely the source. The best solution to this problem is to contact an expert to replace the motor of the fan.

Are your belts slipping or wearing?

In some units, air handlers come with belts that control the speed of the blower. If the belt becomes out of place or wears out, the belt makes an erupting sound. If the belt is damaged, it will leave you with no air conditioning, so it’s imperative to call professionals. Our techs will determine if the belt requires replacement or adjusting.

Has the Compressor Gone Bad?

The compressor is yet another part that can create a sound emanating from the exterior. As the name suggests, the compressor’s job will be to “compress” refrigerant to assist in cooling the air inside your home. The compressor’s motor could begin to screech or squeal as it wears out. This issue usually happens typically when the compressor starts to operate.

To address the issue of a failing compressor, an expert can repair the compressor. However, if the unit isn’t covered under warranty, you may discover it is more economical to swap out the whole air conditioning unit. It is recommended to contact one of our skilled technicians to assess the issue and provide every option.


Are you ready for peace from all the noise and improved comfort? You should arrange routine inspection or maintenance service by a reputable HVAC company such as ours. The noise of your AC isn’t just an annoying noise. It could cost you more money if you ignore it through efficiency issues. This could result in an expensive and inconvenient system failure during the hottest time of summer.

You can stop numerous air conditioner issues for the most part (including problems with noise) through routine preventative maintenance. Let us take care of your Air Conditioning needs.


  • Thank you so much for helping me learn about things like AC coils and what could go wrong with them when you hear a buzzing noise from your AC. It’s been very irritating hearing this noise for multiple weeks already, and I can see how this might become annoying for my family if I don’t get this fixed soon. I’ll tell an HVAC expert to help me check out those coils to see if we can fix it and stop that noise.

  • I appreciate how this article talked about how you shouldn’t overlook sounds coming out of your air conditioning unit. I never knew that they could signify a loose or faulty component that needs repairs. I’ll be sure to seek an AC repair expert for my future unit when it happens.

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