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No homeowner looks forward to the day they need a new AC system. However, an AC installation can still be a good experience when you have the right HVAC company. People in Clearwater, St Pete, Tampa and surrounding areas choose Velocity Air Conditioning for fair prices, great service, and skilled installation.

Finding the Right New AC System

Without the right central air system for your home, your energy bills will skyrocket. The AC system size is only part of the equation for evaluating a proper AC system. Your usage patterns, behavior, and type of air system (ductless or central) are equally important factors to consider.

Why the Right Size Matters

Thanks to Seer rating, sizing your new AC system is an exact science. Installing an undersized system leaves your system running constantly without ever providing the relief you desire.

Likewise, and oversized system shuts down too quickly, leading to short cycling. This leaves your home uncomfortable because it doesn’t allow the system to effectively remove moisture from your air. In both cases, you’ll increase your utility bills overall costs and the frequency of AC repairs.

Signs You Need a New AC System

If your having problems with your AC system, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need to replace it. Use the following guide as you consider your options and whether it’s time for an AC installation.


  • Age:

The average air conditioning system in Florida should last 8 to 12 years when it receives regular AC maintenance. Once your system reaches 10 years, you’ll want to consider your ongoing utility and repair costs.

  • Increasing Repairs:

Most systems require more repairs in their last two years of service. Multiply the cost of repairs by the age of your system. If that amount is greater than the cost of a new system, it’s time for a replacement. If the cost of a repair exceeds half of a replacement, you might need a new system.

  • Climbing Energy Consumption:

Look back at your energy consumption for each month that you normally run your air conditioner compared to the year prior. If your actual consumption is consistently more, and you kept the same temperature, you may need a new system.

  • It Requires Banned R22 Refrigerant:

If the manufacturer of your AC unit is before 2010, it likely runs on the older R22 refrigerant. As of 2020, companies are no longer allowed to produce this refrigerant, making further repairs cost prohibitive. With repairs being expensive and efficiency decreasing due to age, it might be a good idea to get a new one.

  • Presence of strange odors from your AC system:

The presence of strange odors emanating from your AC system can indicate underlying problems that may require a replacement. These smells may mean there is mold, mildew, or other bad things in the system. This can make the air inside not good and maybe cause health problems.

Dealing with these worries quickly can keep your living space safe and cozy. Dealing with these worries promptly can ensure the safety and comfort of your living space. In some cases, replacing your AC system is the most effective solution to eliminate odors and ensure optimal functionality.

  • Frequent On/Off Cycling:

If your AC system turns on and off quickly, it might indicate a problem with the system’s parts or size. One possible solution is to upgrade to a new unit of the appropriate size. You can fix it by simply upgrading to a new unit of the right size.

  • Unusual Noises Coming from your central air conditioner:

Unusual and persistent noises coming from your AC system can be indicative of significant mechanical or component issues. These noises may result from worn-out parts, loose connections, or damaged components within the system.

Ignoring these sounds could lead to further damage and potential breakdown of the AC unit. Replacing your HVAC system is important for several reasons. It helps to keep it working well, avoid expensive repairs, and ensures a quiet and functioning cooling system.

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Benefits of a New AC Installation


When deciding on an AC installation, think about the advantages you’ll get from having a new AC system.

  • Reduce Cooling Costs To Save Money:

If you’re thinking about getting an AC installation, it’s probably because your system is old or not working well. In either case, your system isn’t operating at its intended efficiency. Getting an energy efficient system will lower repair frequency, saving on energy bills and reducing costs.

  • Increase Home Value:

One of the things that potential home buyers consider are any substantial repairs the home will need in the near future. If you have an aging AC unit, it could work against you in the home buying process. Installing a new air conditioner may yield a return of up to about 50% if you’re selling your home.

  • Better Home Comfort:

A hidden benefit of running an air conditioner is that it condenses moisture out of your air. When you’re running an inefficient or older system, it may not be condensing as much moisture as it could. A new AC unit maximizes the amount of moisture it draws from the air, leaving your home more comfortable.

One of the challenges of older AC units is that they may contribute to poor indoor air quality. This happens because of contaminants that build up in the system and excess moisture that promotes mold and mildew growth. If your system is old, you might need new ductwork to make it work better and improve the air you breathe.

  • Peace of Mind:

Investing in a new AC system provides a reliable and modern cooling solution. A new AC can give you peace of mind during hot summers, because you won’t have to worry about sudden problems.

  • Quieter Operation:

Newly designed AC units operate more quietly, minimizing disruptive noise and creating a more peaceful atmosphere in your home.

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It can be nerve wracking to invite a service provider into your home to work on your air conditioner. When you work with Velocity Air Conditioning, you’re working with professionals with over 25 years’ experience servicing Tampa Florida. Our team brings not only HVAC expertise, but service you can trust to respect your home.

Our team installs the best brands available for new air conditioning units. We work to first understand your home’s needs, then recommend the products that will best fill those needs. We offer free in-home evaluations to discuss your goals and explore installation costs.

Stop trying to hobble along an outdated and inefficient system. Call to schedule your new AC system consultation with the AC installation experts at Velocity Air Conditioning today.

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