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Heat pump installation is a popular heating option for residents around the greater Tampa Bay area. Discover the benefits of a heat pump.

Explore the different types available. Consider these options when selecting the ideal one for your home. Call today to schedule your free in-home evaluation with the experts at Velocity Air Conditioning, your local HVAC contractor.


Benefits of Heat Pumps

You have likely heard about how much more efficient heat pumps are compared to other heating options. However, there are additional benefits you’ll enjoy when you install a new heat pump, including:

  • Only one unit to maintain, repair or replace.
  • It’s quieter than a furnace.
  • Less environmental impact than a furnace.

Heat Pump Installation Options

There are several different types of heat pumps, and each one is unique. If you’re changing your heating system, think about these differences and what might provide better heating and cooling for your home.

Central Handling Heat Pumps

If you have an electric or gas furnace right now, you have a central air handling system. This draws air through a single unit, heats or cools it, then moves it back out into your home. When you put in a heat pump, you can connect it to the same system and keep using your current ducts. It’s popular to replace both systems with a heat pump if you already have a central air conditioner.

Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pumps

Ductless systems install smaller air handlers throughout your home, usually on an exterior wall. This allows you to better control the temperature in different areas of your home, further improving energy efficiency and comfort.

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Indications It’s Time For A New Heat Pump

If your home already relies on a heat pump to keep you comfortable, it will require a replacement at some point. Understanding the following signs that indicate a new system helps relieve the stress of not knowing it that will happen.

You Can’t Remember Your Last Replacement:

Nationally, the average heat pump may last 10 to 15 years. However, due to the high humidity and airborne salt in coastal Florida, the expected service life is 8 to 12 years. If you’re unable to recall the last time you updated your device, it may be due for an inspection. This will help you determine if you need a new heat pump installed.

Loud Noises:

Your unit should operate nearly silently when it’s working correctly. Should it be producing loud shrieking, clattering, jangling, or sizzling sounds, it indicates an issue that requires attention. Some of these sounds, combined with age, indicate that it’s nearing the end of its service life.

The Heat Pump Won’t Cycle:

If your pump won’t cycle, it’s obvious that it has a problem. Depending on the age and the repairs required, it may be time for an upgrade. Multiply the cost of all the repairs you’ve had over the last two years by the age of your unit. If that exceeds the cost of a new unit, start planning for your replacement.

Increasing Repairs and Energy Consumption:

Heat pumps experience slowly degrading efficiency as it nears the end of its service life. When this happens, you see an increase in energy consumption and find yourself calling for repairs more frequently. Another reason would be if your pump is not generating heat like it should. Keep an eye on both of these factors to gauge when your unit starts operating at reduced capacity.

Major Repairs:

Some repairs are so significant that it makes more sense to replace your unit. Commonly, this includes replacing the pump compressor, or either the evaporator or condensing coil. Part of the expense of replacing these components is evacuating the refrigerant and then recharging the system. This holds particularly true if your current system predates 2010 and utilizes the now banned R22 refrigerant.


Tampa Bay’s Heat Pump Installation Experts

Velocity Air Conditioning is a family-owned heat pump service provider, offering new pump installation with system maintenance and repair. Our experienced team ensures your home stays comfortable all year with our heating and cooling systems expertise.

When buying a heat pump, ensure you choose the best system that suits your space. Our technicians can help you identify the right size unit for your home.

We use trusted brands for all budgets. In this manner, you can avoid worrying about the quality of the system. You can ensure your heat pump functions well.

Get all the benefits of using a heat pump to keep your greater Tampa Bay area home comfortable. Trust the experts at Velocity Air Conditioning if you need a new heat pump installed or an old one replaced. An expert technician will get the job done. Call (813) 370-0299 to schedule your appointment for a free in-home evaluation.

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