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HVAC units might be costly, but they are an important investment for homeowners. Just like you wouldn’t drive a car for an extended period of time without changing the oil, you shouldn’t run your HVAC system without performing routine maintenance. If you keep your HVAC system in good working order, it will last a long time. You’ll extend the life of your HVAC system. Avoid having to pay for costly repairs while also ensuring that your system is operating at full efficiency.

If you want to learn more, stay reading and we’ll walk you through the most compelling reasons for you to conduct regular HVAC maintenance.


Lower Energy Consumption

If you hire a reputable air conditioning company to maintain your HVAC equipment, they will keep your system functioning at optimal efficiency. Preventive maintenance consists of a series of activities that thoroughly analyze, test, and clean all of the components that make up your heating system. You can ensure that your system is running as effectively as possible by doing so.

If your HVAC system is running as efficiently as it can, it won’t have to work as hard to keep your family and you comfortable. This means you’ll consume less energy and save money on your utility bill.

If you neglect your HVAC system, it will be more power consuming and resource-intensive over time in order to provide the same level of comfort. For example, if you don’t clean and change your filters, dust and debris will block them. This can dramatically limit the flow of air, causing your heating and cooling systems to work more to heat or cool your home. It may also cause the parts to wear out faster than usual.


Improved HVAC System Efficiency

Throughout the year, your HVAC system puts forth a lot of effort. If you don’t take care of the usual maintenance that you conduct every year, it will require more effort to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. It will strain itself to keep up with your demands, and you will notice a decline in efficiency as well as higher energy costs.

It is critical to change the air filters in HVAC equipment on a regular basis. They won’t be able to keep dust, filth, and other contaminants out of your house. Installing a programmable thermostat is one way to remind yourself to change your filter. The connected thermostat works in combination with the HVAC system. It will notify you via your smartphone anytime you need to change the filter.

A maintenance contractor can assist in ensuring that your filter is replaced on a regular basis. A reliable air conditioning company will also ensure that your HVAC system is constantly serviced so that it can keep your home comfortable without costing you extra.

Indoor air quality in your home can be improved

It’s possible that if your home’s interior air is of poor quality it may feel suffocating and stagnant. Allergies and asthma triggers in your house are primarily caused by external contaminants such as pollen, smoking, and particles such as dust. They can also be caused by indoor irritants such as pet dander, dirt, and dust mites.

Each of these contaminants contains small particles that can irritate the respiratory tract severely. To keep your home’s interior air quality in good shape, make sure your HVAC system is maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. When dirty air enters your home through the ductwork, an air conditioning technician must clean and seal it properly. As a result, your family will be breathing healthier air and feel more comfortable.


Your HVAC System will not break down

When your HVAC system works year after year to circulate cool or warm air around your home, it may begin to exhibit signs of wear and tear. You’ve paid a lot of money to have a high-quality HVAC system installed in your home. It’s best to take care of it on a regular basis to keep it working well for many years to come. As a result, it is preferable to schedule regular maintenance and handle problems as they arise rather than postpone repairs and incur significant repair costs.


Safety and Health

You can keep your house and family safe by completing routine HVAC maintenance. It is because your HVAC specialist will be able to check for any carbon monoxide leaks that might kill anyone living in the home. Electrical fires are yet another concern that HVAC maintenance will be able to identify in advance.

Furthermore, regardless of efficiency, all furnaces that burn gas produce a certain quantity of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that does not have an odor. If the gas is not vented from the roof of the house, it may seep into the living space of your home.

Every year, almost 50,000 Americans visit the ER due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Every year, around 400 people die as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning. This is why, when we install new HVAC systems, we include carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

Longevity of the System

A routine check-up of your HVAC system can allow you to significantly extend its life. This implies you’ll be able to decide to get a completely new HVAC system in the future. If you think about it, it may last anywhere from 12 to 20 years. Wouldn’t you prefer to postpone an extra cost if the system was properly maintained and in good working order? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, or in the case of your air conditioning unit an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of Freon.


Prevent problems before they start or grow

HVAC systems in homes deteriorate with time and with heavy use. When you perform routine preventative maintenance, you will be able to detect problems before they become serious. It also helps to ensure that any HVAC difficulties that may emerge are less frequent and less expensive. Preventative maintenance also saves costly repairs during the most inconvenient times, like the holidays when guests are over or a hot and humid summer day in the Tampa Bay area.


Increase the Market Value of Your Home

If you plan to sell your property within the next few years, the buyer will almost certainly require an inspection. A badly maintained heating or heater is one of the most common reasons that a homeowner who is preparing to relocate refrains from purchasing a home or requires costly repairs prior to moving in.

A well-maintained HVAC system, on the other hand, will add to the value of your home. It may also raise the worth of your home depending on the area and market value. By doing preventative maintenance on a regular basis, you can keep your HVAC system running smoothly from the start and avoid costly surprises and breakdowns.

Protect Your Family

What happens if the cooling system fails during an extremely hot and humid day? What if during the winter the heating fails? What can you do to keep your family warm and comfortable?

Maintaining your heating system on a regular basis will help to limit the likelihood of problems and keep costs to a minimum. Performing preventative maintenance is a given for ensuring your family’s safety because the HVAC system will run well all year, not just when you need it the most.



Your time is valuable, and you might not have enough time in your schedule to perform routine HVAC maintenance in your house. This is where we can help. Our residential maintenance service can be really beneficial to save you time and money and keep you and your family comfortable no matter the temperature outside.

It’s also important to hire a qualified and professional HVAC expert to ensure that your HVAC is getting the service you want. Velocity Air Conditioning and Heating professionals will analyze the energy utilization of your HVAC system, as well as ventilation and air quality, to ensure that the system is performing to its full potential. We’ll also listen to your opinion because we want to know whether you have unusually hot or cold space, if your HVAC system isn’t keeping up during the winter or summer, or if it’s been producing strange noises or generating strange scents. We’ll begin by assessing any needed repaired during a routine maintenance check to keep your central heating and air conditioning in good working order. The comfort of our customers is our priority, give us a call and schedule today!

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    I originally called Solarmax for a quote on solar panels and mention the need to replace my ductwork, the sales rep LeeAnn said their sister company is Velocity Air. Excellent company if I may say so. The technicians, Victor, Steve and Zayon were amazing. They are knowledgeable, task oriented and worked diligently to remove and install the ducts in a timely manner. My nome was spotless when they left. I must admit I was duly impressed. They were professional, friendly, respectful and proficient. I now have new ductwork and an air purification system and I can already tell the difference.

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