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Trane is one of the top names in air conditioning around the world. Globally, thousands of sizable buildings have chosen Trane air conditioning to keep residents, visitors and employees from getting too hot or too cold.


The Trane company can be traced back to a small plumbing shop in Wisconsin. Since the day it opened in 1885, Trane has switched to heating, ventilation and air conditioning services. Over the years, the name of the company has changed a few times, too, and today it is owned by the Ingersoll-Rand corporation.


Famous buildings and monuments around the world choose Trane conditioning systems. The International Airport in Bangkok, for instance, has a Trane system installed. This airport alone handles over 42 million passengers each year. It’s the 4th largest freestanding airport in the world and it relies on Trane to keep its temperature regulated.


Just as it pleases millions of stressed out airline flyers, Trane provides the simple luxury of temperature regulation in single-family homes, too. Apartment buildings and tenements housing folks all over the world also find Trane products satisfactory.

Like most high quality products in the HVAC field, Trane systems regularly last 12 to 15 years before they need to be replaced. Of course, that’s assuming the system is taken care of and kept up so it can last longer. Though central air systems require little maintenance, now and then any sort of air conditioning will require servicing.


One of the best ways to make the system last a long time is to follow some basic maintenance procedures. Though each of these tasks only requires a few minutes of work each year, they can drastically increase the lifespan of your air conditioning system.


The most basic maintenance task is to clean the filters every few months. In some cases the filter just needs a good clean and can be used again once the dust and debris has been removed. In other situations you’ll need.


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