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HVAC Repair

What to do if your HVAC system gets damaged due to flood and storms?

With all the recent flooding in the Tampa Bay area, your HVAC system could of experienced damage as a result. Heavy rains with high winds that carry projectiles and other debris can damage the condenser fan grille or carry debris inside your air conditioning system. It is imporant not to turn your unit on after a storm until you go out and assess the damage.

If severe storms or flooding caused your air conditioning unit to sit in standing water, there are a few things we suggest doing to avoid further damage or dangerous situations:


  • Deactivate all the electrical controls to your AC system. If you are not comfortable turning off your switches, you can call your air conditioning service company to help you complete the process.
  • Allow your air conditioner to dry out. Get rid of any standing water if possible and carefully clear any debris from the surrounding area.
  • Leave your AC system off until a professional air conditioner inspection has been performed.

For a full AC inspection and safety check, call Velocity Air Conditioning today and we’ll make sure your air conditioner is working safely and efficiently. Help keep your home safe during storm season and make sure to follow these guidelines if your city is under a serious storm warning.


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