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It is always wrongly assumed that the indoor air quality in a house is pure. There are a number of causes that may be polluting the indoor air quality in your house without even you realizing them. So make sure to know the causes along with the tips to improve the air quality naturally.

Often it is assumed that the air pollutants are found outside without having any adverse of them inside the houses we live. But the fact is, these pollutants can be found as much inside the house as outside. Some of the pollutants are easily traceable, these being the ones that are visible to the naked eyes. But the ones which are not, such as microscopic dust mites and mold are not so easily recognizable. So why not take measure to protect yourself and your house from these harmful organisms.

Humidity control: Moisture in the house attracts pests like mold and dust mites which cause allergies. Allergies have undesirable effects on the health. The ideal humidity control should be between 30-50% to prevent allergies. To prevent all of these, the best practice would be to use a dehumidifier or to use an appropriate air conditioning system in the house. Apart from these, make sure to select a house that has proper ventilation.


  • Track the humidity levels of the house from time to time.
  • Take care of the water leaks in the house.
  • Open the windows while cooking and after showering.

Make your house a non smoking zone: Smoking has numerous repercussions for the smoker as well the ones around breathing the air. It causes infections, difficulties in breathing and pollutes the air. The smoke lingers in the air for quite some time which makes breathing difficult. It causes an uncomfortable environment in the house. For those already facing these situations in the house, you will be surprised to feel the difference yourself once you make your house a non-smoking zone. A single drag of cigarette contains more than 3000 different chemicals.

    • Ask your guest to smoke outside.
    • Replace your HVAC filters from time to time

HVAC’s air filters keep various allergens away from the house. When the filters are not at certain intervals, they become clogged which drastically reduces the air quality. You will then find various debris, dirt, and dust indoors. Apart from this, it also puts a lot of effort on the HVAC system to work in order. As a result of all of these, you will find your electric bills increasing. A typical air filter should be changed after every 90 days ideally. 





Avoid using chemicals: Chemically manufactured air fresheners may seem like a good idea to keep your house aromatic.  The strong scents although may give you a fresh clean vibe, breathing them in can be harmful. Consider shifting to natural aromas without any chemicals. If you love filling your room with natural aromas, beeswax candles can act as such. These candles burn out without producing almost no smoke. Additionally, they help asthmatics. Avoid petroleum-derived candles which release the harmful affluent like soot and benzene in the air.

Keep your floors clean: Vacuuming your floors every day with the right filters installed keeps the allergens out of your house. Make sure to vacuum all the carpets, floor corners and other such places where dust accumulates quickly and easily. Make it a habit to mop the floors as it helps to pick up the dust left behind.

  • Tips:
    • Keep the dust out by placing large floor mat on every doorstep. Dirt is easily carried in shoes, so make sure to take every measure not to enter the pollutants in the house.


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